Stay Focused

Keep your experts focused on growing your business. Resonant Consulting will maximize your refund while your resources continue to develop and earn SR&ED credits.

The SR&ED program is large and very complex. It takes one of your senior technical people many weeks to get to the point where they are able to prepare a SR&ED claim, let alone maximize your refund. There are many pratfalls and common myths that can lead a company to significantly under-claim for their refund.

It is not uncommon for companies who self-file to spend a significant amount of their development resources preparing their SR&ED claim each year. Worse, these companies often underestimate their eligibility and under-claim by a huge margin. This combination can have the effect of causing SR&ED to seem to cost more than its worth.

However, with The Resonant Advantage our SR&ED experts do everything that is required to maximize your claim, while minimizing your distraction. This way, you can Stay Focused on growing your business, and continue earning SR&ED credits for next year!