Eliminate Risk

Our fee is entirely contingent upon your success. With no cost up front and the shared goal of maximizing your claim, contacting us is all reward with no risk.

In today’s economic climate, businesses must be very cautious with their financial resources, yet circumstances frequently require seeking additional funding. Fortunately, Canada is strengthening its economy through incentive programs such as SR&ED. Over $4 Billion dollars per year are distributed to businesses doing work in Canada.

This money is not a grant, it does not ever have to be repaid, and you do not need to be approved to receive it. Instead, you claim for the funding on your corporate T2 each year. If you perform the eligible work, you are guaranteed the funding by law. SR&ED funding is so secure, that many financial institutions will lend against the SR&ED work you have performed to date in the year, based on the previous year’s filing.

Resonant charges no fees upfront. Our fee is entirely contingent upon your successful refund, and payable only after you receive your SR&ED refund cheque from CRA. We are confident that The Resonant Advantage will guarantee your SR&ED funding. It is that confidence which enables us to incur all the risk in your SR&ED claim.