Estimating Your Refund

The size of your refund will depend upon many factors. The most difficult task for those new to SR&ED is estimating the costs associated with eligible work. This SR&ED refund estimator will give you a rough estimate of the refund you can expect to receive every year. It will also show how your percent eligibility will affect your refund.

The first step in estimating your refund is to enter the total expenditures incurred for your development. Include salaries and contract fees for your project managers, engineers, developers, quality assurance specialists, etc. Also indicate costs of equipment purchased for, and materials consumed during, your development.

Employee Salaries:
Contractor Fees:

Next, estimate the percentage of your development that meets the SR&ED criteria. Quite often this eligibility is underestimated by a significant margin, so be sure to look at your refund under a wide range of eligibility. See our Determining Eligibility page for more information on what type of work is eligible.

Estimated Eligibility:


Remember, you can retroactively file for last year, so you may have twice that refund waiting for you! There is a deadline approaching, so don’t delay, or you may lose your refund forever.

Also, please note that this high-level estimate is for informational purposes only. The methods we will use to calculate the costing of your SR&ED claim are much more detailed and will result in a somewhat different value.