Protect Your Claim

You have our full support in the case of a SR&ED claim Review. In the rare cases where CRA wants to meet to discuss your claim, the Resonant Consulting SR&ED expert who filed your claim will be at every meeting.These SR&ED-specific Reviews are not audits, and they do not trigger a review or audit of your company’s financials. Occasionally CRA chooses to visit the business to learn more about their work and their SR&ED claim.

These visits are most often short and cooperative in nature. The SR&ED group is separate within CRA. They are tasked with distributing this incentive according to the law, their goal is not to reduce the amount refunded.

Your Resonant SR&ED expert will work cooperatively with the SR&ED Technical or Financial Reviewer to satisfy their curiosity about your business. While it is exceedingly rare, if need arises, our SR&ED experts are well versed in the tax law, and will defend your claim.