Boost Revenue

SR&ED money is annual income you can count on. Your refund depends only upon the work you perform. There is no grant application process and the fund money does not run out.

Unlike other sources of funding, which can have strings attached, SR&ED money is yours to spend on whatever your business needs. Claimed on your corporate T2, SR&ED funding is a refund of expenses you have already incurred. If you perform eligible work and file properly, you are guaranteed the funding by law.

Because SR&ED revenue is so reliable, major financial institutions see the SR&ED work you perform as an asset in your company, and will lend against the work you have performed to date, based on the previous year’s filing.

Many companies receive a cheque each year which equals 30-50% of their entire Development budget including salaries, contractor fees, materials, and equipment costs. First time filers can also retroactively claim for the previous year.┬áThere is a deadline though, so contact Resonant Consulting today before the refund you’ve earned is gone forever.